SAMSE-MAP 50D Sodium Lauryl Phosphate Detail
Trade Name: SAMSE-MAP 50D
Inci Name: Sodium Lauryl Phosphate
Cas No:
Einecs No.:
Characteristics: Convenient to use without neutralization. Excellent ability of lather and cleansing. Very low irritation, mild to skin. Good biodegradation and low toxicity. Leave the skin with a fresh, nourishing, silk feeling.




White pearl-like paste 

pH (10% solution at 25℃)


Solid content


Application SAMSE-MAP 50D is synthesized via the neutralization reaction of Lauryl Phosphate and NaOH, can be used in facial cleansing, shampoo, shower gel, hand lotion etc. It holds abundant lather and excellent cleansing effect at 5-7.5 pH value. Odorless, mild to skin and soft feeling after washing, SAMSE-MAP 50D is suited for use in shower gel and facial cleansing with high quality and low cost.
Storage Keep seal,store in dry place.
Package: 150kg/Plastic drum

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